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Instant Features: Upsell & Recommendations

We’ve recently launched a new feature to further optimise the Instant Checkout experience. We're proud to announce that our Upsell feature is now up and live with a few select merchants. Upsell was designed to enable customers to visualise, select and include additional products to their original order, whilst directly attacking instances of decreased Average Order Value (AOV).

The Upsell Experience

After selecting the item they wish to purchase, customers who choose 'Instant Checkout' will be taken to our payment gateway.

If they're a first-time customer they will have to fill in their payment details and information once. To read more on the first-time user experience, please read this linked article. If they are already an existing customer, their order will be placed and processed instantly, in one click.

After checking out with Instant, customers will then be presented with our checkout interface which already incorporates all the existing features we had prior: countdown, order batching, and the ability to make any edits and changes to their order.

Now, in addition to the required editable fields that were already on the interface, customers will be presented with a selection of items from the store where they can browse, read the product details, select and add to their existing purchase.

Selecting an item will take customers to a page with the item's description and size options that are in stock. Simply press 'Add to Order' and it's added to the shopper's cart without having to leave the payment interface. All of these actions will be processed under a single transaction, saving the customer from having to make multiple purchases.

Benefits of Instant Checkout & Upsell

Introducing the Upsell function provides an additional layer of dynamic interaction that is designed to optimise the frictionless checkout experience.

  • Upsell captures customers at the final stage of the checkout process and provides them with recommended items, allowing them to add them to their order at no additional fees or cost.

  • This new feature aims to tackle any potential decrease in AOV and prevents the merchant from paying additional transaction or delivery fees by batching customers' orders together.

  • Instant's other features are still present and used to their full potential - customers will still be provided the 5 minute timer to make any edits and changes to their order.

Instant is the easiest way to check-out online. All of the features we offer are designed to make checking out as quick and as painless as possible.

Want to find out how Instant can change your checkout experience? Reach out to us and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.